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Our precious experience at real property owners and investors’ disposal.

Our motto is “Immobili in azione” because we think the real estate has to be considered important just like the other asset in a balanced portfolio.

Jupiter An Surl is single-member company with headquarters in Ancona that has been handling real estate for more than 10 years.

In 2016, in order to react to the increasing difficulties of the market and so as to respond to specific demands, it was decided to take advantage of the experience acquired through the precedent years so as to help real property owners and investors

And this is how Traiano Gestioni was born, a modern unit specialized in property management that provides advice and services on the handling and the enhancement of real properties to privates, companies and public authorities availing of a skilled multidisciplinary team with competences in the fields of administration, law, technique, maintenance and economy.

Our motto is “Immobili in azione” because we think the real estate has to be considered important just like the other asset in a balanced portfolio.

In a beneficial long-term investment, the “brick” has to be used dynamically through a precise and managed acquisition, administration, maintenance, enhancement and transfer of ownership giving special attention to the monitoring and the optimization of every single part of the expenditure and of the profit.

Nowadays only a precise and professional managing can transform a real property from an expensive burden into something profitable.

Since 2019 Jupiter An has become the responsible in Ancona of the A.S.P.P.I., Associazione Sindacale dei Piccoli Proprietari Immobiliari, an organization that was born in Italy in the ‘50s and that nowadays is spread all over the national territory. Legally it is a separate office of the regional ASPPI in Fermo.


Professional managementContact Us

Via San Martino 21

Single partner and managerGiacomo Bambozzi

  • My experience
  • Since 2016
    Owner of the studio Traiano Gestioni – property management
  • Since 2019
    Supervisor of the office in Ancona of the A.S.P.P.I. – Associazione Sindacale dei Piccoli Proprietari Immobiliari
  • Since 2019
    CIndependent financial advisor (CFA) and member of the register of the financial advisors.
  • Since 2008
    Single manager of the Jupiter An Surl – real estate company.
  • Since 2013
    Owner of the studio Alia
  • From 2000 until 2012
    Financial promoter and member of the register
  • From 1990 until 1991
    Master’s degree in Economy of the food farming – SMEA Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Cremona
  • In 1989
    Agricultural Science graduation in the Università degli studi di Bologna

Administrative supervisorSara Brugiapaglia

  • My experience

We introduce you to Sara Brugiapaglia, our helpful partner and contact person of the ASSPI Ancona.
Her professional background is varied, but with a constant: the contact with the customer. Several experiences both in Front Office and in Back Office for real estate companies.

Through time, thanks to the experience on the field and to the many attended training courses, she has become a reference point for the real estate companies and then for privates, about whatever concerns the fiscal aspect of real estate and the relationship with the Agenzia delle Entrate.

Sara took up a career with a “Major” company in the management of both “short term” and “long stay” residential real properties in order to offer a more and more specialized service to our customers.
Sara is to be seen by appointment in our office, so as she can offer an all-around advice about anything related to real estate.

Traiano Gestioni Sede sociale: via V. Veneto 15 /a 60121 – Ancona
(presso lo studio commerciale Baiocchi).
Sede operativa: via San Martino 21 – 60122 Ancona – Cap. sociale euro 100.000 i.v.
C.F. P.IVA e Iscr. Reg. Imprese di Ancona n. 02311310425 – Numero REA AN – 177590

Via San Martino, 21