Traiano gestioni

Our Real

Whichever your house is,
it will be taken care of.

In order to guarantee the excellence of its services, Traiano Gestioni is assisted by several qualified partners, but it is always handling the planning, the coordination and the qualitative control of the services supplied.

The choice of outsourcing several services has been made so as to avoid any conflict of interest and so as to be able to maximize the client’s profit.

Only a complete autonomy and transparency can guarantee that the most efficient and effective choices toward the real property are made.

Example: in order to designate a company to sell a property in Fabriano it is better to choose a partner there rather than a company focused on Ancona’s market!

To whom we address our offer

Privates and companies
Traiano Gestioni’s services can be perfectly addressed to both privates and companies, with both medium and big dimensions partnerships.
Foreign Investors
We are also able to offer our services to foreign investors who do not live in Italy but with real properties in our country.
Public Authorities
We can work with owners of public, residential, commercial, recreational and sport related use real properties.


We will be by your side every step of your investment: from the identification of the property, through the buyout and the redevelopment to the enhancement.


We can take care of your property or help you to manage it.


If you want to enjoy your vacation house without a thought in the world, we will take care of everything. A full service is offered: bureaucracy, estimation of the taxes, management of the utilities (electricity, gas, water) and the periodical check of the property, so as to keep everything always under control. And you can relax also if far away!


Are you considering to invest in real estate? To rent a property implies a lot of problems? We can do it together or we can take your keys and handle it for you.

Traiano Gestioni Sede sociale: via V. Veneto 15 /a 60121 – Ancona
(presso lo studio commerciale Baiocchi).
Sede operativa: via San Martino 21 – 60122 Ancona – Cap. sociale euro 100.000 i.v.
C.F. P.IVA e Iscr. Reg. Imprese di Ancona n. 02311310425 – Numero REA AN – 177590

Via San Martino, 21